Senin, 21 Maret 2011

Modem VT 12 Harga terbaru dan Review

Modem VT 12 Harga terbaru dan Review : The CDMA USB modem with 800 Mhz in CDMA 2000 1X CDMA technology, Could be used for all PC and Laptops, Also supported voice and SMS functions, Unlock device position (it means; Could be used or changed to all operator card server without violate anything. 153 Kbps data rate, And here is the pictures and specification.

Saat ini harga terbaru Usb modem CDMA Venus VT-12 @Rp 250.000,-/ unit dan untuk usb modem cdma Venus VT80n @Rp 210.000,-..

With full plug and play USB, and using R-UIM technology (Removable User Identity Modular), its make more confortable and free to changed the card you want. Also supporting any version of Widows operating system, like Windows XP and VISTA.

Huawei e169 Unlock Modem

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