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Huawei C8100 Windows Mobile Configuration

Huawei C8100

Calibrating the Touchscreen
When operating the phone with the stylus, if the phone does not respond to your operation correctly, you can calibrate the screen as follows-
1. Select Start> Settings> System> Screen> Align screen to display the screen for calibration.
2. Calibrate the screen by tapping the center of the cross on the screen accordingly to the displayed messages.
3. During the calibration, tap the center of the cross accurately, so that the phone responds to your tap and text entry on the screen correctly after the calibration.

Using the Motion Sensor
Your phone is equipped with a motion sensor. When the motion sensor is enable, the display on the screen reorients itself depending on the movement of the phone.
To set the motion sensor, you can select Start> settings> System> Gravity Sensor> Settings. The available options are, 
  • Enable auto rotate
  • Enable overturn mute ring
  • Enable overturn mute alarm
  • Enable rote full screen
  • Enable sake to switch

Signal Indications
The color and status of the back light of the navigation key, call key and End key informs you of the following:
  • Red (on): The phone is being charged
  • Green (on): The phone is fully charged
  • Green (blinking): There is a system message
  • Blue (blinking): Bluetooth is turned on.

Adding a New Contact
1. Select Start> Contacts to open the Contacts screen.
2. Tap New> Outlook Contact/UIM Contact, and enter the contact information.
3. Tap Ok to save.

Settings WLAN
WLAN provides a brand new mode for wireless network acess. to use WLAN for network access on the  phone, you need to access a wireless access point or a hot spot.

Select Start> Settings> Connections> WLAN and then the Search for networks. The system then automatically turns on WLAN and search for available WLAN networks. After the search, you can tap any of the access points to access the corresponding WLAN networks. You can access corresponding WLAN network directly if it is open for access. If the network is WEP-encrypted, you need to enter the corresponding WEP key to access the network.

Using the Task Manager
To open the task manager, select Start> Programs> Task Manager.
With the Task Manager, you can check the application that are currently running on the phone and close an application or switch to an application quickly. The running speed of the phone will be advesly affected if too many application are running.

Memory Status
To view the memory usage, select Start> Settings> System>  Memory.

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